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At Miami Fashion Insider we offer personal styling services, you can book an appointment and learn more about our services that include:


  • Closet Editing: We analyze what should be kept and what should be gone, based on your lifestyle, personal style and styling goals.

  • Personal Styling. Are you trying to find the right style for you? We will analyze your  closet, do a personal styling session, and will help you create the best version of yourself. We work closely with hair and make up stylist to create a perfect look that you will be able to maintain and recreate by yourself. 

  • Shopping Service. Many clients don't have time to go shopping or simply prefer not to go so we do the shopping for them. Once we agree on the style and pieces that the client needs, we start shopping and bring everything to the client to try.  

  • Special occasions. Finding the right dress, hair and make up for a special occasion can be very difficult. We can help you create the perfect look for each event. 

  • Perfect Gift. We can find the perfect gift for your anniversary, birthday or any special occasion. 

  • Closet Organization.  Many clients have the right clothes and shoes, but cant find them in their wardrobes. We organize your closet,  help you clean out and keep it in order. 

  • Shopping Tours. We will take you to the best places to shop for the latest trends, for special occasions or to find the right gift. I will plan the right shopping tour for each special client.

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