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Miami Swim Week style

La semana pasada estuvo llena de moda y trajes de baño, ya que fue Swim Week. Se pueden imaginar que hubo miles de desfiles y eventos sociales, y necesite armar muchos looks! Por suerte me invitaron a pasar por Lafayette 148 NY en Brickell City Centre, y encontré un outfit super chic para una noche de desfiles. Elegí un vestido liviano y femenino, hace mucho calor en Miami y gran parte de los eventos son al aire libre. Sumé unas sandalias con un toque de color (también de la marca) y accesorios divertidos (ya me conocen, soy fan!) Espero que les haya gustado! Las week was all about Swimwear here in Miami. We were invited to many fashion shows and I can say that we KNOW about swimsuits and resort wear by now! With so many events you can only imagine how many outfits I had to put together! Luckily I visited Lafayette 148 NY at Brickell City Centre to find a cute outfit for a night full of events. I tried many different looks, and decided to pick a dress that would be feminine and fresh at the same time (many events are outdoors and the weather right now is very hot). I completed the look with a cute pair of sandals (also from the boutique) with a pop of color and my always fun accessories. I hope you like it! You can follow #lafayette148 on social media: Facebook: @lafayette148ny Twitter: @lafayette148ny Instagram: @lafayette148ny Shop online: here #miamiswimweek 

Partner in crime: Mariela Bagnato 

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