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Style Coaching for businesses 

Enhance your team's potential with my STYLE COACHING for businesses. We offer empowering talks that highlight the crucial role of self-image in the workplace. Discover how embracing personal style can boost mood, confidence, and professional presentation, significantly impacting customer relations and career growth. The sessions focus on finding one's authentic style while understanding the powerful message conveyed through attire. Let's unlock the potential of your employees, fostering a culture of confidence and self-expression.


Andy has already delivered her masterclass twice to my team and all the participants of my annual retreat in Costa Rica for the "Elegirme" program. Her teaching focused on how to pack authentically and select clothing that makes us feel good, emphasizing the importance of dressing for ourselves. Each of her classes has been spectacular, infusing creativity, deepening our understanding of our own style, and motivating us to move away from the concern for others' approval to focus on how what we wear makes us feel. It's wonderful to see the outcome: each person projecting their essence, choosing garments that resonate with what makes them feel beautiful and unique. Without a doubt, I would hire Andy countless more times. Her mentorship is essential in a retreat focused on self-choice and liberating ourselves from the eternal pursuit of external approval.

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Andy Faerman was invited to conduct an exclusive workshop for the entire SDH team. The focus of this session was on personal style and professional dressing, tailored specifically for the company's unique environment. Andy shared insightful strategies on exploring individual style preferences, emphasizing the significance of presenting oneself confidently to clients. This engaging two-hour presentation, co-hosted with Dr. Mariam Dum, was designed to inspire the team members. They emerged more confident in their personal style and, by extension, in their professional roles. The event was a valuable opportunity for the team to refine their approach to personal branding and client interactions.

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